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In 1921, our company began as Gilbert & Kelly, with Errol E. Kelly and Horatio L. Gilbert at the helm. In 1968, Mr. James H. Couturie joined the ranks and we incorporated as Gilbert, Kelly & Couturie, Inc. Then in 1977, Mr. Everett V. Treigle, Jr., also a registered professional land surveyor, became a partner of the firm. Until their respective deaths, this combination of professionals successfully operated the business throughout the New Orleans Metropolitan area, building our knowledge, files, and experience into one of the most acknowledged land surveying firms in the area.

In 2013, the company enlisted long-time employees, Louis C. Hartmann, Robert D. Quin, Debra S. Giordano, and Clint M. Simoneaux as shareholders of the company and in 2015, those named became the owners/partners of the firm. Mr. Hartmann (President) and Mr. Simoneaux are registered professional land surveyors. Mr. Quin (Vice President) is the Field Manager/Supervisor and Ms. Giordano (Secretary-Treasurer) is the CFO and Office Manager.

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